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Onry Ozzborn - DUO (Deluxe Edition) - 2016

PoslaťNapísal: 14 Apr 2016, 21:28
od DazGrap
Onry Ozzborn - DUO (Deluxe Edition) - 2016 (320 Kbps)


01. Nineteen feat. Aesop Rock
02. Stardom feat. Latrell James
03. Not Really feat. Rob Sonic
04. Flee the Colony feat. Nathan Quiroga (of Iska Dhaaf)
05. Turmoil feat. P.O.S
06. It All Depends feat. JFK Ninjaface
07. No Time to Waste feat. Eligh
08. Neonerd feat. Kimya Dawson
09. Wired feat. Asphate (of Maxilla Blue)
10. My First Kill feat. Sadistik
11. Voicemail feat. Heddie Leonne
12. Figure It Out feat. deM atlaS
13. Airwaves feat. K Death (of Moodie Black)
14. Open the Till feat. Cloudy October
15. Burn feat. Theory Hazit
16. Wine feat. Homeboy Sandman
17. Very Well feat. Terra Lopez (of Sister Crayon)
18. Firefly feat. Pigeon John


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